Enlightened Midlife Woman: Now Is the Time to Share Your Story with the World!

Calling all women in midlife! You lovingly appeared in my dream years ago! I know you have been suffering inside and perhaps want to share your story. Your story has been in your head long enough. Take the time to transfer those thoughts from your head, then into your heart and on to the pages of a book-in-progress.

Now is your time to share your story! Share your message. Share your lessons learned in life! You are ready to be seen, heard and published!

There is a special calling for middle-aged women and beyond to rise up. You have been the catalysts and nurturers in our society for far tool long enough. You have watched the world pass you by. You have witnessed so much and now you have something to say! Midlife women now is your time to be seen, heard and published.

Join the Midlife Women’s Movement and get ready for a year of celebration. Celebrate that you have lived an extraordinary life and have a story to share.

My personal story started out as a dream. I knew how important it was for middle-aged women to share their stories with the world. We are women who have seen it all, done it all and have watched the world pass us by. We are women with the capacity to hold together families, marriages, careers and communities. We have keenly observed a whole lot in our lives. Imagine if we all are seen, heard and published, we can make the world a better place. Then we better share it! The only thing that stops most women is they fear stepping up. They also lack self-confidence, fear their power and vulnerability. Let us rise up together and support one another. LiteraryLaunch is here for you!

"You cannot get through courage without walking through vulnerability." ~ Brene Brown

Over 4 years ago I was gifted the name Literary Launch by marketing guru Robert Michael Fried. I helped Fried with his 2 best-selling books and was credited for researching and producing both manuscripts. I subsequently purchased the URL for Literary Launch and sat on it. Instinctively knowing I wanted to create something special and after a year the dream was manifested. Only, the dream at the time was too big and sat for 2 more years until I grew into it. I needed to gain courage, self-confidence and commit myself to stepping up and claiming this huge undertaking. Literary Launch is now a website solely dedicated to capturing the hearts, minds and souls of midlife women. We are committed to getting your stories and lessons learned out of your head and into your heart and onto the pages as published authors. First, I shared my vision for Literary Launch. I did so in the award-winning and best-selling book “Ready, Aim, Captivate: Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future.” Then came the inner work. I championed shedding the layers of the person I no longer was and surrendered to the person I was meant to be all along. I never realized how powerful my dream was meant to be. Last year I started writing my book Ascension Midlife Woman Rising and cannot wait to share it with the world this fall.

I have learned that no one will care about you or your journey, for that matter, until they know, like and trust you.

Women have an ability to share their lives by writing a book. Women also have the power to tell of their personal journey through their own unique life's experiences that can change the world. Women's ability to share their stories about how they overcame struggles in life while raising families, managing a household, supporting a significant other, and in many cases while holding down a job. Most of us survived the glass ceiling in corporate America. We managed to accept that we didn't get all that we aimed for in life. It is true that every day we are shifted in a new direction that might include a challenge or two, but the one really important thing is that knowing where you’re headed will inevitably conquer all.

Our evolution has required the need to listen and to share our lives with one another. In doing so, the world will transform itself for the better. Doing so will also guide us to new horizons, not only as individuals, but for humanity.

LiteraryLaunch.com will be working with women in midlife to help them share their stories and lessons learned with the world as published authors. We will prove you the tools, resources and necessary support so that you make it to the finish line as a published author.

Midlife woman, NOW is your time to share your story and create a legacy. Just realize how you can change the world, or a life, help someone in need, you never know. Stories are powerful an uniquely your own.

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