Discover Your True Authentic Self

Midlife Women: It’s Time to Live Life Full Out

Times are a changing! The world has finally discovered that being true to your authentic self is the only way to live life fully! “No exceptions allowed.” Being true to your authentic self simply means honoring your core beliefs and values. We all have them. Living authentically is all about your ability to honestly express yourself and your desires while discovering your true passions in life.

Following your heart! Doing things that make your heart sing means being in alignment with your values and behaviors that truly move you forward and into a life that’s genuinely and uniquely your own.

My one wish for you is that you live life full out! Live life genuinely and authentically true to you. On a personal note: It is through the discovery of my true authentic self that I speak. May these words speak to you and elicit change.

Honoring your authentic voice gives meaning and purpose to your life and actions. In order for you to discover yourself, you must challenge your perceptions. It is a fact that change is always necessary to completely realize your full potential. Faith and determination are also needed for change to occur. Always remember that your core beliefs and values represent your authentic self, they are the essence of you. Keep an ongoing awareness of what is wrong and right for you. Speak up when something doesn’t feel right.

Here are three keys to finding and/or discovering your true authentic self:

Recognize that greatness and authenticity comes from within - Always bear in mind that you are so much than you think you are. Your goals and dreams were birthed inside of you. Your personality, talents and interests guide and supports those dreams. However, you can only become what you are willing to believe is possible. That requires a change of faith. It is very important to believe in yourself “no matter what” and even when people tell you otherwise. You must ignore the external and internal voices that tell you you’re not good enough, etc. Begin to see yourself as self-assured, confident and capable of every situation by living your truth and most importantly, believe that you can become the person you want to be, and more.

Control of your feelings and emotions- Feelings of fear, insecurity and doubt are just feelings and feelings are as changeable as the waves and tides in the sea. Govern your feelings and emotions instead of letting your feelings rule you. Don’t give other people the power over your life. The best thing you can do to release negative emotions, irritation, frustration, fear and anger is to let love govern your life.

Acknowledge the power of decision- It is true that growth requires commitment and you will never obtain your full potential without making quality decisions. The ability to say “No” demonstrates security and self-confidence. You can also say “no” to doing things that don’t serve you well. Decide to do those things now that will benefit your future. Always remember that you cannot be true to your authentic self if you allow your life to be governed by the opinions and emotions of others. The best thing to do is to trust your inner guide.

If you are a midlife woman wanting to discover your authentic self we are here to serve and assist you in journey of discovery. Through our programs “Midlife Woman Lifestyle Transformation” and “Write From Life” we will guide you to discover your true authentic self, your divine soul’s purpose and who you are truly meant to be and serve in this life. We are committed to helping midlife women regain their true authentic self and live their lives full out. Call today for your free consultation.

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