Give Yourself Permission to Be You!

Personal note: There was a time when I was afraid to be myself. For many years I thought I needed to be someone I wasn’t, just to fit in, until I couldn’t take it any longer! Please give yourself permission to Be You!

Is this you? You rush through life catching waves to stay afloat. You diligently keep up with the latest trends and continue going the status quo simply to fit in. You find that in doing so you are constantly spinning and making sacrifices. You resolve to make due resulting in compromises with who you are and what you really want in life. Why settle for a life that isn’t truly yours? The answer is quite simple; because you try so hard to fit in and feel a need to be accepted by society’s rules. You feel mortified at the thought of putting yourself out there. Knowing and attending to your own personal needs is kind of scary, I know the feeling. You keep quiet to keep peace follow the same old routine.

By the time midlife women reach a certain age, they have grown comfortable putting the demands of others ahead of their own. Their role in society ahead of their own is caregiver. But the question is, why are we? We are conditioned. In fact, think of how much energy is drained by those around us if you aren’t frantic or stressed, and then resentment starts to set in and you’re burned out? You’re no longer useful to anyone especially yourself.

Most often than not, midlife women fail to give themselves permission to simply be themselves. Seeing after our own needs first and foremost and taking self-care seriously is a misnomer by society’s rules. We are coming of age and learning that we can be, do and have anything we want in life. Giving ourselves permission to feel like ourselves no matter what is our birthright. We were accustomed to think obligations to our family and their commitments came first. Then who takes notice of our needs? No one. Break the mold and start thinking of yourself for a change. You matter more than anything. Give serious thought to what you want out of life and make a commitment to yourself to get it.

Give yourself a permission to start being true to yourself and put your needs first (post a reminder to yourself)

Make an agreement with yourself that it’s okay to have your needs met at all times Start by doing small things to make you happy on a daily basis

Make time to fit things in that are vital and significant to your livelihood

Being content and satisfied with yourself enables you to give more fully to others: spouse, children, siblings, friends, and co-workers

Self-expression and creativity are vital to being satisfied with life. Try a walk in nature or at the beach. Allocate time writing or reading your favorite stories, spend an hour writing in your journal, plan a get-away vacation, dream a little

Most often you may find yourself resisting something or letting something go to make a change. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Give yourself permission to be, do and have everything you want in this life!

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