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The stories of our lives and lessons learned make an impact on others and have the power to inspire, heal, and transform lives and the world. It is gratifying when someone can transform the lives of others by sharing stories. Download the free Write From Life worksheet to gain insights into your life and the stories you need to share.

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"Utmost gratitude goes out to Giselle Shapiro who passionately poured her heart, mind and soul into researching and proofing the manuscript. It was Giselle who reminded me when things got hectic that I was writing this book with a greater purpose in mind - namely helping others create meaning, happiness, and true success."

- Robert Michael Fried, CMO, Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion

"Giselle positivity is infectious! Because of her inspiring advice, I am now focused on a clear path to reaching my goals and opening doors I once thought were closed to me."

- The late Miss Nelva Sandefur, MA and NAACP Theatre Award-winning jazz vocalist


"The title of the book that I am working on is: The Only Predictable Thing About Life is That It is Totally Unpredictable. I attended a workshop that Giselle recently hosted and  immediately resonated with who she is. Not only was she well organized, handing out some stimulating, thought- provoking ideas in her  type written exercise sheets, but  I found her to be inspiring and motivating. Because of her sincerity , warmth, authenticity and generosity of spirit, I felt  safe, and not at all intimidated working with her. She has given me some tips that have been really helpful. Thanks a lot Giselle."

- Esme Jacobson


"Giselle - -You brought us together, and that is always a good thing. And you brought us so many gifts, including your daughter and wonderful snacks. The posters with quotes and the journals with those quotes on them on perfect. We are thankful for you, Giselle. You filled the house with grace!"

- Ann Buxie