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The mission of LiteraryLaunch is to help midlife women gain the confidence to be seen, heard & published. Our goal at LiteraryLaunch is to capture the minds, hearts and souls of women in midlife by granting them permission to be themselves and share their stories with the world as published authors. When a woman realizes how much her voice matters she gains confidence, her life is transformed and she becomes unstoppable!

Giselle Shapiro founded LiteraryLaunch as an online global community for women in midlife. She is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, midlife women’s advocate, speaker, producer & lifestyle transformation expert. Ms. Shapiro is author of the forthcoming book Ascension Midlife Woman Rising: Ten Mindset Shifts to Transcend the Lives of Women in Midlife. Giselle is also an award-winning best-selling co-author of My Creative Thoughts Journal and Ready, Aim, Captivate: Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future, award-winning jazz vocalist.

Midlife woman, discover your divine soul's purpose through radical lifestyle transformation


Let's share your story with the world & transform your life in the process. It was an epiphany of Giselle’s own personal transformation due to devastating personal and financial loss that fueled her to become an advocate for middle-aged women and to create programs designed to transform their lives and inspire them to live their lives full out!

LiteraryLaunch is a place where women in midlife can feel confident taking the very first step forward in writing a book about their lives. Being seen, heard and published is a major step in anyone's life. LiteraryLaunch will take you by the hand and deliver what every midlife woman needs to capture the essence of her story while transforming her life. 

LiteraryLaunch is just a slice of the Midlife Woman's Lifestyle Transformation program. The Midlife Woman's Lifestyle Transformation program was created to cause a radical shift in a woman’s state of being inspiring clarity and self-confidence. A lifestyle transformation is a major step in life. The program was purposely designed to ignite the spark that fuels the soul of today’s middle-aged woman. Fueling the culmination of this program are years spent in corporate America, a brief stint at semi-retirement, researching and producing the manuscripts for two best-selling books Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion and A Marketing Plan for Life by Robert Michael Fried, and her own personal lifestyle transformation. The change that fueled Giselle’s passion to mentor other midlife women to transform their lives has been lovingly transferred into LiteraryLaunch's program Write from Life™ and the development of the Midlife Woman's Lifestyle Transformation program.


Ms. Shapiro’s passion for life is infused with self-love, compassion and empathy for other women. While possessing an innate ability to effortlessly create beautiful environments, inspiration comes from the divine goodness of her soul. As a feminine leader with a heart of gold and enormous amounts of enthusiasm, Giselle is on a mission to empower as many midlife women as possible. And in doing so, it is by every means possible what she believes doing so will change the dynamics of our society and uplift the world as we see it for the better!

Giselle and team will produce upcoming midlife women’s events, workshops and retreats that will be nothing short of life-changing and transformational. Midlife women will have a safe haven to share their memorable experiences of a lifetime through the Midlife Woman's Lifestyle Transformation, leading to a lifestyle of total bliss, utter fulfillment and sheer excitement! A life well-lived is a true awakening of the soul!


Through our programs beginning with LiteraryLaunch, middle-aged women will discover that there is more to life and more to them! Ms. Shapiro believes that middle-aged women have the capacity to transform our world for the better if only they knew how. In order for women to change the world, they must transform their lives first. Once women transform their lives and share their stories as published authors they'll gain self-confidence and believe in themselves as change makers of the world. Their dreams are finally fulfilled. When midlife women feel empowered they will change the world for the better and become unstoppable!

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