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LiteraryLaunch is on a mission to help midlife women write a book about their lives and become published. Let LiteraryLaunch begin the journey with you. We will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process.

Your legacy is important to us. Your book, once written and published, will be cherished for a lifetime. Don't leave this planet with your story still inside of you. LiteraryLaunch is here to help! Let's get started now.  

Meet Our Founder

Giselle Denise Shapiro



Giselle Shapiro is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, midlife women's advocate and lifestyle transformation expert. She is author of the forthcoming book Ascension Midlife Woman Rising: Ten Mindset Shifts to Transform Women in Midlife. Giselle is also an award-winning & best-selling co-author, award-winning jazz vocalist, motivational speaker and producer.


It was through Giselle's own personal journey of transformation after a devastating set-back both personally and financially that fueled her to become an advocate for middle-aged women and to create programs & services dedicated to transform their lives and empower them.

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